Vintage CBC Blue Logo Mens T-shirt

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In January of 1986, an updated, one-colour version of Burton Kramer’s multi-coloured gem/exploding pizza logo was created by Hubert Tison and Robert Innes so that it would be easier to print and reproduce in other media. Blue on a field of white, or white on a dark blue background, this gem was the 5th official logo in the CBC/Radio-Canada lineup. 

Along with the new blue on white gem graphic- or is it a pineapple? - there was a brand spanking new ident, featuring an arrangement of state-of-the-art computer graphics, as well. Consisting of a translucent CBC gem logo atop background fields which changed colours, depending on the time of day, the visual was accompanied by the CBC's newly synthesized five-note jingle.

Feeling nostalgic? Watch it here... right after you hook yourself up with some of this lux CBC apparel!  

  • Solid Colors are 100% fluffy cotton
  • Heathers are a 50/50, cotton/poly blend - lightweight and fast drying
  • Printed label means no itchy tags
  • Durable enough to stay awesome, wash after wash, remaining stylishly pragmatic for a ridiculously long time
  • Produced in a code of conduct compliant workspace on planet Earth
  • Crafted by Canadians who love the CBC and Radio-Canada!


Fun Fact: A commemorative Blue Gem postage stamp was issued in 1986 to celebrate the CBC’s 50th anniversary.



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